I took Noah out for a spin on his tricycle yesterday evening and finally convinced him to pedal rather than insist on being pushed. Once he got the hang of it there was no stopping him. It was awesome to see his face as he realised his achievement. Now he just needs to learn to stop before crashing into the back of his dad’s ankles…


Howdy by James, Beth & Co
Howdy, a photo by James, Beth & Co on Flickr.

After weeks and weeks I’m still fiddling around with my wordpress blog. I’ve finally found a template that I’m happy with so now I just need to start adding content (aka the hard part).

In the meantime here’s a picture of William…what a dude!


Having recently discovered WordPress, I thought I’d give blogging another go. I’m still trying to find a descent template/theme for the site. There are millions to choose from so it’s taking a while.

So far I’ve found WordPress pretty straightforward. I’m even writing this first entry from an android phone using the WordPress app…times have certainly changed from my original blogging days…

The purpose of the blog is just to act as a personal journal of daily life and share experiences with friends and family around the world. It may last two days or two years, who knows. Just taking it one day at a time.

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